Intro/ How to use this BLOG

Welcome so you have found your way to my RC Plane Well, this means that you have an interest in RC planes, whether is flying 'em, building 'em, buying 'em....or just plane old crashing 'em. Either way you have come to the right place... This hobby is super fun (as you probably gather from watching others flying in life or on youtube). And from what I hear it is also really rewarding once you get pass the learning curve...And that is the part I am excited to get to.

I'm a NEWBIE, (noob, younging, youngling, padawan, what ever) just like you. This blog is a place to put all the tips, hints, advice, and experience I gain in this hobby in ONE location.  And if your just starting out like me, hopefully it can help you as well.

The idea is to collect everything, whether is be from word of mouth, my own mistakes, and of course the very helpful forum stuff, in one place and in a very organized and intuitive fashion. As the title say this is my journey in rc flying, my hope is that we can learn together and from each other...

How to use this Blog?
I have decided to make this blog function in 2 ways.

  1. Be a community of newbies of all ages like myself. You can come and learn along side me. I will post a blog every week, either a HOW-TO, or a what to buy, or just plane old what I find interesting depending on what I have done so far. (For example, This week I bought a my first Tx, so my Blog entry this week is going to display the info I gathered from forums, youtube, or whatever, to come to my decision on a Tx/Rx)
  2. The second will be to have a stand alone function as a FORMULA on how to get started. It's become clear that many of the folk just checking in or joining, are at different starting points in the hobby. Now of course, if you were to just start at the first blog and read you way up, you would find everything you need to know in chronological order, just as I learned them. However, after a while that would make this no different than a forum. Which is what we don't want. Don't get me wrong, the forums are GREAT, and I highly recommend joining a few. However, the reason I start this blog was because I was super frustrated with having to find old forums answers my questions, which takes time and as a newbie can be really annoying and confusing. So to solve this problem  I decided to add the step tabs at the top of the page. 
HOME: There you will find my most recent blog, and comments from the other members.
HOW TO USE THIS BLOG: You guessed it that's page your on now...duh...
STEP 1. RTF: Here you will find all the information i gathered on RTF planes. It is also labled step 1, because it is the first thing, that i did, and i believe that were most newbie RCers should begin...
 The tabs that follow (STEP 2. Tx/Rx, Step 3....) will be more of a step-wise appoarch. Now not all post will be Tabs, but only the ones I believe are, or you guys tell me, is important. There I will put all the information that pertains. Step 2. would then be chosing a transmitter, all post and comments about that topic will be there. etc.
Video Collection: There are A ton of very helpful, or plain old funny and interesting youtube video's I will provide links to to them here.

And that is pretty much it... Thanks for check out the blog.
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  • If  you become a member, you can leave comments, and questions. Tell me what you want to see, plus I can ask you guys questions as well…
  • Remember I’m learning just like you and created this page to have a small community of newbies.
  • So we can learn from each other!