Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey Guys

Hey Guys, I know its been a while. That's the problem with being in school, never have enough time for your hobbies. I got some cool stuff planned, so stay tuned. If you have any questions or comments please leave me a message.

Friday, March 23, 2012

My first Scratch Built

So I know it's been a while...
I been really busy with school. Man do I wish someone would have told me that, becoming a doctor is not as easy as they make it look on TV....
But I did finally finish my F22-V2,-----YAY!!!! and it came out GREAT!
I just the PINK Fan Fold foam, I have yet to seen anyone on youtube make a F22 with that. So I was a little worried about if it was going to work. But it looked and it flew great!!!

I call it the PINK PANTHER

I did CRASH though. :-( But I can say it wasn't because of the plane, it was because of my novice level piloting....lol.

Here are the Videos, LEAVE COMMENTS on the links to the 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog Update

So guys, I been MIA for a while...Dumb Med School keeps getting in the way of my RC flying. LOL.
Besides its cold and wet, not really flying weather over here in BEANTOWN. So been putting in some serious Sim hours...
Anyway got some exciting things coming soon.
1. My unboxing video of my new 9x Transmitter
2. I just finished my FIRST scratch build ( F22 V2)...super excited about that, so you can expect a video
          - Maiden Flight video
          - Build Video
3. And some cool projects, and maybe a CONTEST for my the subscribers...(depending on the interest)

So Stay Tuned.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Very Cool...

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Anyway, a buddy of mine went flying and recorded this cool video of him flying while in a moving car. I thought it was awesome check it out...

Here are some last minute additions, special thanks to DTRIBBY (senior member at RCPOWERS

And this one was brought to my attention by alibongo and jasmine2501 from RCGROUPS.COM

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let's get a Transmitter....

For most people, seeing someone else flying is what drew them to the hobby. Now it may just be the geek in me, but for me it was the first time I saw a Transmitter, or as I called it back then the remote control. When I first saw something like the Spektrum Dx6i with all the switches, knobs, and shiny buttons, I was sold!!! I just knew that any hobby that involved knowing how to work such a complex looking piece of equipment was sooo going to be worth it. 

So I am at the point now in the hobby, where I know I’m going to be in it for the long haul. Not saying that I am going to quite Med School, and open up a Hobby Shop (as appealing as that may sound, at the moment). But, there comes a point ,as a newbie, that you start to realize "yeah I can see myself working on planes 5-10 maybe 20 year from now". When you get to this point, you now start to transition from thinking about getting stuff that is "cheap, and work good enough" to getting things that are going to save you money in the LONG run...And let face it money is a BIG issue, one of the draw backs of this hobby is that it tends to be pretty expensive, (without the right guidance.)  But lucky for you, you found my page!! 

But anyway let's say you have got pass all that. One of the scariest investments is looking for a transmitter. You want to find one that is of good quality, as will last a while. Everything I post on here, is from weeks, and weeks, of asking questions and rummaging through the forums. (So that you don't have to.) After all that, I came across one said to be even as good as Dx6i and Futaba are, but less than half the price. That Tx is the 9x model of transmitters. Too good to be true right, and it probably is. However, from what I heard and read the pros far outweigh the cons with this one. Now, this Transmitter goes by many names: Turnigy 9x, Fly Sky TH9x, iMax9x, but there are all the same. One of the biggest selling points on this item is that it is EASILY UPGRADE-ABLE, making it hard to out grew....



  1. http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__8991__Turnigy_9X_9Ch_Transmitter_w_Module_8ch_Receiver_Mode_1_v2_Firmware_.html
  2. http://www.hobbypartz.com/79p-th9x-r9b-9channel-radio.html (THIS is where I got mine, they offer free shipping, and it cam within a week...
Here are some other links (Special Thanks to ERAJOMPPA (senior member on the RCpowers forums) " Here are just a few that I found when I googled:


These are all finnish shops, so you might want to google "TH9x" or "iMax 9x" yourself and see if you find some shops near you. 

If you want turnigy, and turnigy only, then you have to buy it from Hobbyking, since its their brand and no-one else sells it. Well except ebay of course:


Hope this helps"

I GOT MINE...you should get yours...working on a unboxing video, where you can see how it looks fresh out the box...COMING SOON

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  • Remember I’m learning just like you and created this page to have a small community of newbies.
  • So we can learn from each other!

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Tx....I'm waiting

Hey guys, quick up date. I ordered a  FS-TH9x last week and just got the conformation today that it's out for delivery, and I should get it before the end of the day. So I am literally waiting by the door. I heard great things about this radio, so I'm excited. As soon as it gets here I'm going to do an unboxing video, and brief review.
 I'll include, all the information I gathered, and explained what brought me to this decision as my first  REAL radio...( I say real cause I dont really count the Dynam radio I got with my Hawk Sky...lol....So Stay Tuned....


Monday, February 6, 2012

Let the Crashing Begin....

You wake up. It is a beautiful day. Your happy because its the first time weather seem good enough to take your brand new Hawk Sky out for a maiden flight. YOUR READY. I mean you spent a few hours on a the free FMS flight sim, you downloaded. You also finally got your Hawk Sky together (despite the instructions manuals attempts to confuse you). You throw everything in the car, sent out to the biggest open field in your area. After a quick fligth check you start your plane up and your off...SUCCESS!!! Its in the air climbing, and doing well...And then all of a sudden, the GROUND comes out of no where and hits your plane.

check out this video...All you need is a hot glue gun, and some toothpicks

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  • Remember I’m learning just like you and created this page to have a small community of newbies.
  • So we can learn from each other!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let’s get a Ready to fly plane…..

Let’s get a Ready to fly plane…..


So after just reading bunches of forum threads on (RC POWERS and RCGROUPS), everyone says the best way to get into the hobby is go ahead and FLY…Starting with a RTF (ready to fly) plane and at the same time get a flight simulator.  So what is the first question, where can I get one, and which one to get.. When it comes  to ready to fly planes, I got the amazing Hawk Sky…As far as which one to get? Well it doesn’t really matter…they are all pretty good. As along as they have a few important features. Dave (from RC Powers)  has some good videos on why the we like the Hawk Sky and why RTF is the best way to start…

Reason why I thing RTF planes like the Hawk Sky (or the Bixler, EasyStar..etc) is because.
1.       I think it’s the best way to start out…and is the fastest way to get out there and start flying already... I mean that was why you go into the hobby.…No point in falling in love with the hobby and bumbling your  way over trying to figure out how to build you own…YOU WILL GET THERE…(had to learn to crawl before you got out on the track and started running, right?)
2.       With a ready to fly plane you get a radio and a transmitter, both of which you could use on your FIRST self built plane. 
     Yeah they usually come with a cheap transmitter, but it works, and is basic. little can be a gooding thing. It will give something to work with, and when ur ready to upgrade, you will have a little more knowledge base…I’m actually just now looking into getting a new transmitter…)
3.       RTF planes are SUPER easy to repair…and trust me you will need to repair it A LOT…lol. (HOW TO REPAIR YOUR HAWK SKY, video coming next week.)

So fellow newbies, if you really want to get into the hobby, but you’re unsure what the first thing you should invest in is, like I was…let me tell you….A READY TO FLY PLANE! That should defiantly be you FIRST investment. Trust me by trying to save money in the wrong places, it will cost you a lot more in the long run, and that will eventually cost you the hobby….( sad face) This hobby is SUPER fun, but can get really expensive really quick. (working on a how to save money in RC Hobby entry, might also post next week.
  • RTF (Ready to Fly Plane)
  • Should be first investment
  • Cost: about $100 roughly (worth it)
  • Types: Hawk Sky, Bixler, Sky Surfer, Easy Star
  •  Where to get it…Here is a link of where I got my HawkSky…BUY A HAWK SKY 

Okay thanks for reading guys, and don’t forget to become a member(SUBSCRIBE)…(on the left of your screen). A lot of you guy have just bookmarked the page which is fine, but if  you become a member, you can leave comments, and questions. Tell me what you want to see, plus I can ask you guys questions as well…remember I’m learning just like you and created this page to have a small community of newbies. So we can learn from eachothers mistakes…I mean experiences…lol. 

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's Get Started....

Welcome so you have found your way to my RC plane Blog...Congrats...lol
Well, this means that you have an interest in RC planes, whether is flying 'em, building 'em, buying 'em....or just plane old crashing 'em. Either way you have come to the right place...

This hobby is super fun (as you probably gather from watching others flying on youtube videos). And from what I hear it is also really rewarding once you get pass the learning curve...And that is the part I am excited to get to. Yup, you guessed it, I'm a NEWBIE, (noob, younging, youngling, padawan, what ever)  just like you. This blog is a place to put all the tips, hints, advice, and experience I gain in this hobby in one location. And if your just starting out like me, hopefully it can help you as well. 

The idea is to collect everything, whether is be from word of mouth, my own mistakes, and of course the very helpful forum stuff, in one place and in a very organized and intuitive fashion.  As the title say this is my journey in rc flying, my hope that we can learn together and from each other...

So bookmark this page,subscribe, leave comments, questions, and lets GO!!!!
CeeJaySlyFly, (Learning is all the fun) I'm new just like you!!!
-Learning to fly in between Med School classes...
"2day's Mistakes = 2morrow's Experience"