Thursday, February 2, 2012

Let’s get a Ready to fly plane…..

Let’s get a Ready to fly plane…..


So after just reading bunches of forum threads on (RC POWERS and RCGROUPS), everyone says the best way to get into the hobby is go ahead and FLY…Starting with a RTF (ready to fly) plane and at the same time get a flight simulator.  So what is the first question, where can I get one, and which one to get.. When it comes  to ready to fly planes, I got the amazing Hawk Sky…As far as which one to get? Well it doesn’t really matter…they are all pretty good. As along as they have a few important features. Dave (from RC Powers)  has some good videos on why the we like the Hawk Sky and why RTF is the best way to start…

Reason why I thing RTF planes like the Hawk Sky (or the Bixler, EasyStar..etc) is because.
1.       I think it’s the best way to start out…and is the fastest way to get out there and start flying already... I mean that was why you go into the hobby.…No point in falling in love with the hobby and bumbling your  way over trying to figure out how to build you own…YOU WILL GET THERE…(had to learn to crawl before you got out on the track and started running, right?)
2.       With a ready to fly plane you get a radio and a transmitter, both of which you could use on your FIRST self built plane. 
     Yeah they usually come with a cheap transmitter, but it works, and is basic. little can be a gooding thing. It will give something to work with, and when ur ready to upgrade, you will have a little more knowledge base…I’m actually just now looking into getting a new transmitter…)
3.       RTF planes are SUPER easy to repair…and trust me you will need to repair it A LOT…lol. (HOW TO REPAIR YOUR HAWK SKY, video coming next week.)

So fellow newbies, if you really want to get into the hobby, but you’re unsure what the first thing you should invest in is, like I was…let me tell you….A READY TO FLY PLANE! That should defiantly be you FIRST investment. Trust me by trying to save money in the wrong places, it will cost you a lot more in the long run, and that will eventually cost you the hobby….( sad face) This hobby is SUPER fun, but can get really expensive really quick. (working on a how to save money in RC Hobby entry, might also post next week.
  • RTF (Ready to Fly Plane)
  • Should be first investment
  • Cost: about $100 roughly (worth it)
  • Types: Hawk Sky, Bixler, Sky Surfer, Easy Star
  •  Where to get it…Here is a link of where I got my HawkSky…BUY A HAWK SKY 

Okay thanks for reading guys, and don’t forget to become a member(SUBSCRIBE)…(on the left of your screen). A lot of you guy have just bookmarked the page which is fine, but if  you become a member, you can leave comments, and questions. Tell me what you want to see, plus I can ask you guys questions as well…remember I’m learning just like you and created this page to have a small community of newbies. So we can learn from eachothers mistakes…I mean experiences…lol. 


  1. Hey, saw a post of yours on rcpowers and that you were a med student and I wanted to give some words of encouragement from a fellow medstudent/ hawk sky pilot. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks bro, what year are you? How long have u had you Hawk Sky for. and appreciate the word of encouragement, thanks for subscribing!

    2. I'm a first year. I've had the Hawk Sky since late September. It's pretty windy where I live, so I plan on upgrading to a F22 V2 late this spring so I can hopefully fly a little more often. What year are you/

  2. This is actually interesting Chris! Thanks for letting me know. I'll spread the word to others to join too!