Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let's get a Transmitter....

For most people, seeing someone else flying is what drew them to the hobby. Now it may just be the geek in me, but for me it was the first time I saw a Transmitter, or as I called it back then the remote control. When I first saw something like the Spektrum Dx6i with all the switches, knobs, and shiny buttons, I was sold!!! I just knew that any hobby that involved knowing how to work such a complex looking piece of equipment was sooo going to be worth it. 

So I am at the point now in the hobby, where I know I’m going to be in it for the long haul. Not saying that I am going to quite Med School, and open up a Hobby Shop (as appealing as that may sound, at the moment). But, there comes a point ,as a newbie, that you start to realize "yeah I can see myself working on planes 5-10 maybe 20 year from now". When you get to this point, you now start to transition from thinking about getting stuff that is "cheap, and work good enough" to getting things that are going to save you money in the LONG run...And let face it money is a BIG issue, one of the draw backs of this hobby is that it tends to be pretty expensive, (without the right guidance.)  But lucky for you, you found my page!! 

But anyway let's say you have got pass all that. One of the scariest investments is looking for a transmitter. You want to find one that is of good quality, as will last a while. Everything I post on here, is from weeks, and weeks, of asking questions and rummaging through the forums. (So that you don't have to.) After all that, I came across one said to be even as good as Dx6i and Futaba are, but less than half the price. That Tx is the 9x model of transmitters. Too good to be true right, and it probably is. However, from what I heard and read the pros far outweigh the cons with this one. Now, this Transmitter goes by many names: Turnigy 9x, Fly Sky TH9x, iMax9x, but there are all the same. One of the biggest selling points on this item is that it is EASILY UPGRADE-ABLE, making it hard to out grew....



  2. (THIS is where I got mine, they offer free shipping, and it cam within a week...
Here are some other links (Special Thanks to ERAJOMPPA (senior member on the RCpowers forums) " Here are just a few that I found when I googled:

These are all finnish shops, so you might want to google "TH9x" or "iMax 9x" yourself and see if you find some shops near you. 

If you want turnigy, and turnigy only, then you have to buy it from Hobbyking, since its their brand and no-one else sells it. Well except ebay of course:

Hope this helps"

I GOT should get yours...working on a unboxing video, where you can see how it looks fresh out the box...COMING SOON

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